Pay TV Channel

Pay TV Installation and Maintenance

JAM undertakes all kinds of Satellite TV installation and maintenance for the major Pay TV services in UAE.

Installations & Upgrades

We supply and install Satellite Dishes, Set-top Boxes and Communal TV Systems. Our professionals are reliable and experienced specialists in the field. Apart from DTH installations, our services cover installation of multi-room TV Systems. Whether you need a new installation or an upgrade to your existing setup, our experienced engineers are available to help you. We undertake diagnosis of reception problems or dish alignment problems.

We are preferred installation partners for OSN, ADMC, MBC, Al Jazeera and Pehla. For upgrading your system for HD services, PVR or any others call us and our engineers shall be at your service.

We also supply and install Free to View Satellite TV systems. In case you decide to save on monthly subscription, you could still watch Satellite TV programs by paying a one-time cost for the hardware and the installation.  Be sure to contact JAM for information and advice on which Free View Digital Satellite Receiver is suited to your requirements.

So, if you are thinking of a Satellite TV installation or upgrade, simply pick up your phone and call 04-352 5545 or email us at


If you have trouble with your Digital TV Installation, have lost signal or are experiencing poor picture quality, we can send an engineer to diagnose your problem and suggest a repair or replacement. Our engineer can visit your property and perform a complete diagnose of your television viewing system and offer in-depth technical support. Once the fault has been found, we will endeavor to rectify your television viewing system to receive the optimum signal possible.

Our engineers are trained to repair your existing satellite system and get your digital reception to optimum viewing levels. Our fully equipped mobile vehicles have every tool and equipment needed to get your satellite system up and running again.

We offer a Same Day Service where possible for all Satellite TV maintenance!

So don’t hesitate to give us a call for any Satellite TV related problems.

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We are the Main Distributor for “PHELA”, “SHOWTIME”, “STAR”, “JAZEERA” & “ZEE” Network.

Digital Receiving Systems

Satellite Receiving Equipment – HUMAX, TRIAX,TELEVES

Pay TV Channels Subscription – SHOWTIME , JAZEERA , PHELA,


Structured Cabling

Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify wiring data centers, offices, and apartment buildings for data or voice communications using various kinds of cable, most commonly category 5e (CAT-5e), category 6 (CAT-6), and fiber optic cabling and modular connectors. These standards define how to lay the cabling in various topologies in order to meet the needs of the customer, typically using a central patch panel (which is normally 19 inch rack-mounted), from where each modular connection can be used as needed. Each outlet is then patched into a network switch (normally also rack-mounted) for network use or into an IP or PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system patch panel.
Lines patched as data ports into a network switch require simple straight-through patch cables at each end to connect a computer. Voice patches to PBXs in most countries require an adapter at the remote end to translate the configuration on 8P8C modular connectors into the local standard telephone wall socket. No adapter is needed in the U.S. as the 6P2C and 6P4C plugs most commonly used with RJ11 and RJ14 telephone connections are physically and electrically compatible with the larger 8P8C socket. RJ25 and RJ61 connections are physically but not electrically compatible, and cannot be used. In the UK, an adapter must be present at the remote end as the 6-pin BT socket is physically incompatible with 8P8C.
It is common to color code patch panel cables to identify the type of connection, though structured cabling standards do not require it except in the demarcation wall field.
Cabling standards demand that all eight conductors in Cat5/5e/6 cable are connected, resisting the temptation to ‘double-up’ or use one cable for both voice and data. IP phone systems, however, can run the telephone and the computer on the same wires.

Structured cabling falls into six subsystems:
•    Entrance Facilities is the point where the telephone company network ends and connects with the on-premises wiring at the customer premises.
•    Equipment Rooms house equipment and wiring consolidation points that serve the users inside the building or campus.
•    Backbone Cabling connects between the equipment/telecommunications rooms, so named because the rooms are typically on different floors.
•    Horizontal Cabling wiring can be IW (inside wiring) or Plenum Cabling and connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets or work areas on the floor, usually through the wire ways, conduits or ceiling spaces of each floor.
•    Telecommunications Rooms or Telecommunications Enclosure connects between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
•    Work-Area Components connect end-user equipment to outlets of the horizontal cabling system.


Telephone Systems

Our comprehensive telecom solutions portfolio enables in taking advantage of the changing trends in the telecom industry and brings forth cutting edge products for our discerning customers. The telecom infrastructure projects division of Jaber Al Mas Trading LLC aims at providing a single window solution to all infrastructural requirement of telecom service provider in both wireless and wire line arena of UAE. Our services provide you with reliable, scalable & integrated solutions that can meet complex Telecom Infrastructure needs.

Our team is a fine blend of skilled technical engineers, consultants, specialists and experienced managers. Skilled engineers who ensure that our customers receive “to the specification, on time, within budget delivery”.

Our end – to – end solutions driven approach, breadth and quality of  Telecom infrastructure solutions is the ideal partner for you, in dealing with emerging challenges in the telecommunications industry.

Our partnership with technology leaders across the globe helps us to deliver a comprehensive solution to address the entire gamut of telecom challenges and be a paradigm that leads to future breakthroughs.

We are partners with all the leading brands of Telephone system manufactures. Be it Digital or IP or Wireless telecommunication solution ,we with our expertise will provide the latest state of the art solution to our valued customers.

Pansonic Telephone System


When it’s your business, there’s nothing small about it. Panasonic, a global leader in business communications, is pleased to offer our latest Enhanced Communications Solutions for small to mid-size businesses.

Panasonic has the Business Phone System to meet your needs

Easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions. Seamlessly expand and network solutions Reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks .Centralize feature access for multiple locations .Support mobile workforce with wireless connectivity .Compatible with many Panasonic and 3rd Party applications

Unified Messaging
A streamlined IP communications platform for small to mid-sized businesses, the KX-NS1000 is designed to grow with your business. The platform is easily scalable up to 1,000 extensions and over 16 branch locations, making it also ideal for larger organizations that require an enterprise class solution.


Work from Anywhere
Unify your businesses voice, fax and email with full, built-in voice mail and unified messaging along with an optionally integrated fax server. Listen to your voice messages by phone or receive them in your email inbox, then play or delete messages directly from the email client. Send and receive faxes as email attachments and enjoy the convenience of an electronic fax archive without the clutter and environmental impact of printed sheets of paper.

Multi-Site Networking
The workplace has become dispersed with branch offices and tele workers located across cities and states and around the globe. Working flexibly from a remote office has become the norm, and your workers expect fully transparent functionality for optimum business efficiency. Create virtual teams across networked sites and share resources efficiently, including call distribution, centralized messaging and conferencing.

Enhanced Collaboration
The pre-installed Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity application suite enhances unified communications and collaboration with visual control of calls and messages from a PC. This includes point-and-click call control, presence (with calendar integration), instant messaging, integration with Microsoft Outlook and group conferencing, as well as door phone and IP camera integration.

Add integration with popular, off-the-shelf CRM applications, to access incoming caller information and more smartly target customers and deliver goods and services.



The new NEC is a unique IP communication solution for any business with a more advanced communication platform which can be used in the office as well as remotely and even mobile phones. The NEC uses wired/broadband and even a wireless connection which makes it available to use almost everywhere.

The NEC System is not only a cost-effective upgrade to your existing system but also offers many core features that will benefit any business, not only does it include applications such as My Calls which is included in every system, it provides real time call management which displays information such as call activity and logging entries. With the NEC it now has a customizable handset which can be altered to your own brandable design.

Out the office? Don’t worry as the NEC is fully customizable to run extensions for mobile phones allowing you to save calling costs and treat your mobile as a fully functional business phone.

The NEC has so many unique features designed to fit around almost every business environment it has to encounter making it one of the very few ideal telephone systems. With an easy to manage solution with minimal technical knowledge to maintain and use the system providing a smooth experience.

In terms of looks the NEC is a stylish black rack mountable system with nice little touches around the casing, with many air vents preventing the system to overheat and LCD lights to display the status of the system.


Provide advanced unified communications and contact center solutions throughout your enterprise. Now you can integrate and deliver voice, video, data, and web communications applications and services to your team anywhere—whether they’re in the office, or on the go.

With a platform that delivers rock-solid reliability and remarkable adaptability, you can support new collaboration capabilities, applications, and customer services immediately. Choose from more than 700 features and an ever expanding, customizable applications portfolio. Plus, count on unrivaled scalability and flexibility to support everything from click-to-dial video conferencing to sophisticated contact center systems, in locations from small branches to corporate headquarters.

And as needs change and your business grows, continue to expand your communications functionality in ways you never would have imagined.

Fast Facts: By definition, a platform brings together a hardware architecture, software framework, and application frameworks, allowing your software to run.

  1. Cost Effective

Streamline communications with a single solution. Scale across locations large and small, reduce overhead costs for administration, dynamically optimize bandwidth, virtualize your core communications capabilities, and keep everyone connected regardless of location.

  1. Resilient

Configure your platform for up to 99.999% availability. Keep your business communications and customer contact solutions up and running, providing a dependable and consistent link between your enterprise and the outside world.

  1. Investment Protection

Continue moving forward across digital, IP, and SIP-based solutions with core and application upgrade paths that renew and extend your investment.

Flexibility from the Core to the Outside World

Mobile users, multi-channel communications, and collaboration across your organization make flexibility in the core of your network fundamental to your success. Use an award-winning session management core that provides dynamic access to applications and services based on need, not location. At the same time, extend global management and security across your network, whether that network reaches across town or around the world.

IP Office™ Platform

A Simple, Powerful Midmarket Collaboration Solution


Change the way your mobile, distributed workforce collaborates. Deliver an engaging experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device. Simple enough to run on an appliance, powerful enough to support 2,000 users with virtualized software. Easy to use. Easy to manage. Exceptional value.

  1. Flexible Configurations

Choose a deployment model that matches your infrastructure objectives–from a simple appliance to virtualized software in your data center, with options in between.

  1. A Complete Midmarket Collaboration Solution

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete, integrated solution—collaboration software plus multichannel contact centers, networking, security, and video—from a single source.

  1. Lower Collaboration

Discover how affordable collaboration can be with the IP Office™ Platform–a smaller initial investment, reduced maintenance, and decreased power consumption.



Video Conferencing Equipment

People link Video Conferencing and TelePresence complete solution

Unified Telepresence (UTP)

With PeopleLink Unified Telepresence, you may choose to do the Video conference from your Laptop without going to Conference Room and when multiple participants need to be the part of video conference; Users have a choice to attend the Video Conference from Conference Rooms by just adding PTZ Video Conference cameras and Audio devices. UTP easily extends your room system conferencing application to remote and desktop users for Voice, Video and Data communications. Take conferencing where you go instead of being told where to go!


PeopleLink HDVC (High Definition Video Conferencing)

PeopleLink HDVC is designed to meet the demands of high performance video conferencing with a standard PC and Internet connection, including broadband and mobile wireless data cards.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Hikvision Cameras & DVR


Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. The product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. Since its inception in 2001, Hikvision has quickly achieved a leading worldwide market position in the security industry.

Hikvision possess the world’s largest R&D team and state-of-art manufacturing facilities; both allow Hikvision’s customers the benefit of world-class products that are designed with cutting-edge technology. As further commitment to its customers, Hikvision annually reinvests 7% of its revenue into R&D for continued product innovation and improvement.

Hikvision operates over 30 domestic branches in China and 16 overseas regional subsidiaries all over the world to achieve a truly global presence. Hikvision is now publicly listed on the ShenzhenStock Exchange. For more information, please visit Hikvision’s website at

View of HIKVision Factory



CCTV System with Remote Surveillance & Digital Video Recording (DVR) – HIKVISION , PROLINE UK , Avantura (Made in USA) , SAMSUNG

Video Door Phone ,Access Control ,Automatic Gate ,Hotel Door Lock ,Moment Sensors

Vibration Sensors ,Break glass Sensors




Jaber Al Mas Trading LLC is a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of Communal Television Distribution Systems. We provide a complete range of custom installation services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) or IF Distribution system as it is commonly known  is a network capable of delivering multiple satellite services in a MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit). Our SMATV system also known as Integrated Reception System (IRS) is capable of delivering digital satellite TV services, Broadband Internet services and CCTV in the same network. The system distributes digital signals from the Communal Antenna to each home in the MDU.

This green concept helps to end disputes with your tenants about putting dishes all over your property as you are already providing them with a solution. The residents won’t have to install individual dishes on their balconies or on the roof-top. This helps in maintaining the appearance of the area and preserving the aesthetic look of the property. Our solutions are cost-effective, expandable and transparent to all value added satellite services.

SMATV systems are useful in and needed in:

  • Residential buildings blocks
  • Local authority buildings
  • Dormitories & Camps
  • Home distribution in Villas
  • Schools
  • Health clubs
  • Oil Platforms and Rigs.

Our SMATV Services include:

  • Designing a custom satellite distribution solution for your property
  • Pre-wiring and termination of cable at each location specified at the apartment
  • Maintenance of the distribution network
  • Installations, Relocations, Subscription renewal services for the customers
img_smatv copy

SMATV Systems enhance building services, protect buildings from damage and unsightly installation of satellite antennas and provide building owners and landlords with a solution that meets both their needs and the needs of their residents. With the huge amount of planning that goes into any development sound advice from the start is critical.

We work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Building/Construction Companies & Building Owners to ensure throughout the installation, from the initial design stage to the final commissioning of the network, a high standard of work is maintained. Our highly trained and experience installation and network support teams are on-hand to offer their full support throughout the installation and thereafter.

Benefit to the Landlords:

Minimal Dish Solution: Helps preserve the aesthetic look of your property while providing services to all the residents in the apartment. Moreover you are not restricting the viewing choice of the residents.

Competitive Advantage: Get a competitive edge over your competitors by providing this facility which in the short term will be a necessity. Whatever other features you provide for your buildings, TV is the appliance with which the residents spent their maximum time, hence facilities on this front will be valued and appreciated the most.

Cost Savings: The network supports Broadband Internet as well as CCTV. Hence you can save on the costs by offering all these in one single solution. A huge saving, all these for a cost less than that of the CCTV services alone that you have promised your residents.

Security for residents: Since we undertake the maintenance and after sales support functions too, you won’t have to worry about different people walking in to your property on account of maintenance, service and so on.

Other benefits are:

  • Reduced aesthetic and physical damage to buildings caused by multiple dish installations and cable runs.
  • Reduced risk of disputes from tenants over dish location.
  • Reduced problems with local authorities over planning consent issues caused by multiple dish installations (An outlook for the future).

For Best results, the builder is required to consult our services at an early stage.

JAM can offer a wider range of options as well as a more cost effective system the earlier we are involved. It can take a considerable amount of time to plan carefully and install a system.




We are the Main Distributor for “OSN”,”OSN Pehela”, “STAR”, “JAZEERA” & “ZEE” Network.

Digital Receiving Systems

Satellite Receiving Equipment – HUMAX, TRIAX,TELEVES
Pay TV Channels Subscription – SHOWTIME , JAZEERA , PHELA,
Communication Devices & Cables
Telephone System – Panasonic ,NEC , Avaya
Office Intercoms – Comelit , Ai Phone
Public Address System – MERLAUD ,MILBANK ,BOSCH


Back Ground Music   – MERLAUD , MILBANK , BOSCH


Audio Visual Systems -Panasonic , Harmonkardon , Denon , Bose






Optical Fiber Interfaces for networking – CISCO
Cables – Beldon ,Ducab ,Delta , ASTEL , PROLINE
Data Center
Cabinets ,DB , Patch Panel ,RJ 45 Face plate with modules , Patch Cords and accessories
Panel with Observation devices

Pay TV Channels

M.D Message

It gives me great sense of satisfaction and pleasure to see and share the growth of our company in the face of highly competitive times through which UAE IT Sector is passing.

JAM since its inception nearly a decade ago has been providing the best of services to its customers in UAE. The company will continue its journey to excellence in providing the best services at affordable prices and at the same time in the upkeep of its bottom-line

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